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Count a thousand rain drops and you’ll be fit for life my friend. You are currently tapping into 10 percent of your greatest capacity, the world hasn’t yet seen the best of you. I’m also guilty of this very sin, starmusiq where i didn’t bring out the best in me, it seemed so natural, so “default like”.

There is the theory that humans are naturally destructive and lazy, and they need to tame themselves before they self destruct. Okay, enough of the scary stuff, let’s get to some inspiration; what would you do if you heard that you were going to die in a month? With your answer in mind,I want you to see the importance of staying focused and giving the best of you at each and every moment. Remember that you only reap where you have sown. In terms of your fitness/performance; you put in 20 percent, then you’ll only get 20 percent in return. When you put in 100 percent, then you’ll end up getting 100 percent in return.Its that simple.

One of my clients couldn’t even perform 5 girl push ups, and he couldn’t even last 5 minutes on the treadmill.I knew that Andrew was more than what I was seeing, I know that he was more capable than what I was measuring then.There was a fitness champion, buried inside of him. Long story made short, a year later on,Andrew was capable of performing over 300 push ups,and he was also comfortably boxing his way through 20 rounds of boxing.This is the type of inspiration, that makes you rethink about the way you view yourself. You can do it, no matter how it looks like.

There is no point for you to get a personal trainer, or even a gym membership for that matter if you haven’t made a clear decision on being dedicated to you fitness progress.These acts of discipline are very powerful, these actions grow in size,they are the spiritual seeds of success that need to be nurtured, in order for you to experience success in your fitness, and life in general. You can definitely use your fitness as a source of inspiration for other areas in your life.

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